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BakFlip G2 Tonneau Cover

BakFlip G2 Tonneau Cover
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BAKFlip G2 Video Review

BakFlip G2

The Staple of the Bakflip Series

  • 1/2" Thick Aluminum Panels
  • 400 lb Weight Capacity (evenly distributed)
  • Full Access to Truck Bed and Stake Hole Pockets
  • Easy No Drill Installation
  • Lock Tailgate to Secure
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Add a BakBox for Convenient Storage
Bakbox Tool box

BakFlip G2 Slam Latch

Slam Latch and Pull Cable

Each panel is locked into place with latches and can easily be opened with the pull cable.

BakFlip G2 No-Drill Install Clamps

No-Drill Clamps

The G2 can be installed in less than an hour without drilling into the truck bed.

BakFlip G2 Full Bed Access

Full Bed Access

Fold the cover up to the cab for full-bed access. Rubber bumpers protect the cab from impacts.

BakFlip G2 Weather Seal

EPDM Rubber Seal / Round Hinges

Weather resistant and extremely durable seals made of EPDM along with rounded style hinges.

BakFlip G2 Water Drainage System

Water Drainage System

The rails collect and guide water to the front of the bed where it is emptied through drainage tubes.

BakFlip G2 Powder Coat Finish

Textured Powder-Coat Finish

Powder coated aluminum top and underside panels offer a nice finish. Each panel is 1/2" thick.

Warranty: With an Industry Leading Warranty, Bak wants to make sure you are happy with your tonneau cover. As one of Bak's favorite authorized dealers, buy from us and you get full warranty benefits. The G2 gets a 1 year warranty that guarantees the cover against damage caused by manufacturer defects.

Installation:Click HERE to view the full installation sheet.

Product At A Glance
Panel exterior: Aluminum top and bottom Weight rating: 400 LBS. - evenly distributed.
Panel core: EPS (insulated) 2 lb. Density Size of box: 68x23x8 (inches)
Panel frames: Aircraft grade aluminum Weight of box: 55 LBS.
Finish: Textured Black Powder-Coat Install tools: 1 x 15mm wrench.
Thickness: 1/2 inch Maintenance: Wash normally with soap and water / Tonneau Protectant
Hinge: Round Style, Corrosion proof EPDM rubber. Warranty: 1 year